31 January 2007

rape - the perfect crime

I studied rape for my criminology course and had to read books and articles on the subject dated from the 50s and 60s.

Reading the reactions to an article such as the one published today on the BBC website, makes my blood boil. So little has change, apart from the recognition of the crime of marital rape. Women are still accused of crying wolf. Women have still to prove themselves as being the 'perfect victim' in order to be believed.

16 January 2007

Fascinating article on the abortion ban in El Salvador

The last issue of Observer Woman was pure fluff - not a bad thing except when written by the odious Polly Vernon, and I quite enjoyed fulminating at the dreadfulness of some of the 'tribes' of women (notably the Earth Mothers).

But there in the middle of it was a really interesting and well-written article on El Salvador, with photos by a world-class documentary photographer. For anybody who didn't see it, concealed in mountains of fluff as it was, abortion is illegal in El Salvador, in all circumstances including rape, incest and threat to the mother's life. And if a doctor realises you have had an abortion, s/he is obliged to report you to the police, and you can be sentenced to 30-50 years in prison.

15 January 2007

RIP Alice Coltrane

Interesting obituary here of Alice Coltrane - widow of John Coltrane, but also a gifted musician and composer in her own right. She also had another, later life as a new age guru.