27 February 2008

Some thoughts for the next meeting - women and sex

I've been thinking about sexuality in preparation for the next meeting so here are a few links and articles I've come across.

The wikipedia article on sex-positive feminism is interesting - not perfect, but it raises some of the issues at hand.

Annie Sprinkle has a website in which you can find some of her writings and articles - possibly a little bit NSFW but some interesting stuff on there.

Another sex-positive feminist, Susie Bright, has a really excellent blog in which she discusses all manner of political and feminist current issues.

The f-word has some interesting articles (in their sex and relationships section)and a podcast of a discussion about porn.

Lynne Segal has an interesting article about some problems of feminism and (hetero) sex - I didn't agree with some of this but it's pretty interesting anyway.