09 September 2009

A big hand for the Miss University London competition hijackers

I love these guys!

So, the usual female-led protests against the Miss University London competition were given additional support from a guerilla group of male protesters setting up a booth outside the competition, "encouraging attendees to "vote" over pictures of the contestants", (they provided kleenex), and "keeping a tally of the girls who brought the guys over the edge."

Possibly the best bit was the comments garnered from bewildered beauty pageant supporters:

"you're worse than the feminists, it's disgusting"

"What so you want people to wank in the booth, over the girls and judge them, how's that any different from the competition?"

"And I think your suits are shit!".

"I don't know what they're protesting about, it's not even animal cruelty, they must be jealous"

"But you're not serious, right?"