12 October 2006

'Feminist fightback' conference

A friend of my sister's is helping to organise a feminist conference in London on Saturday 21st October. I don't know much about it but the agenda looks interesting:


In France women are no political animal

Next year French presidential election is going to be fascinating. For the first time ever a woman is topping the polls. You probably don't think it's such an achievement but very very few women enter politics. Why: because in France in order to be a politician (or homme politique) you need to be over 50 and a man. And isn't it symptomatic that in English you say politicians and in French you say hommes politiques?! (there isn't any femmes politiques).

11 October 2006

Interesting article in the Times on the choice British-born Muslim girls make to wear the veil.

09 October 2006

How to use this blog

Welcome! Currently you can all make comments. As soon as those of you with blogspot accounts email me, I'll add your names to the list of blog members, and you'll be able to post too. Anyone who hasn't got a blogspot account yet will have to sign up, but if you let me know which email address you want to sign up with, I will add your names to the list. Email at woodscolt@hotmail.com or my workmail, if you have that.

I see this blog as a place where we can put links to interesting articles, book reviews or blogs, post thoughts, talk about stuff we've discussed or read about.

If anyone is clever with html and wants to do creative stuff with the formatting, they should go straight ahead. Good ideas for the title/description would also be welcome...