01 May 2008

The most fun I ever had without laughing

An interesting furore has apparently arisen from Johnny Vegas' incorporation of lighthearted sexual molestation into his stand-up.

(See the link in the header for the Guardian Blogger article).

However, by far the most revealing comment on this matter must be the one which appears on the "Chortle" comedy website:

http://snipurl.com/26m6h (snipped for ease of posting)

" This was the most enjoyable night of comedy I have ever experienced...The discomfort in the predominately middle class section of the audience I was sitting was palpable during Vegas's set! During the bit where Vegas was sexually molesting a librarian whilst singing Shakespeare Sister's Stay With Me Baby I overheard a lady behind mutter under her breath 'this is hideous!'. The scene was horrifying yet hilarious and Vegas was relentless until Simon Munnery covered the spectacle with his jacket! I will be laughing about this evening for a very long time!"

There's a whole PhD to be written on deconstructing that really.

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Anya D. Night said...

That's disgusting.