29 June 2007

Ms Nasty

I've just come across a discussion in Another Place about the use of Ms instead of Miss or Mrs, and I'm fair squeaking with grumpiness.

Sample quotes from women there include:
"I've always hated "Ms"- both the way it sounds and its chippy connotations",
"I think that the argument that your marital status is no-one's business is outdated; it is a hangover from a time when people would form judgements about you based on that. These days, it's accepted that you could be living with a partner, single, married, in a civil partnership or a combination of the above, and none have any bearing on your status as a functioning adult. So to use a title that hides whether or not you're married seems a bit perverse- basically making a point that no-one much cares about"
"I am Miss and am soon to become a Mrs. Being a Ms has never really occurred to me, although I can quite understand why some women would choose to. "
And my old favourite "I honestly can't remember ever having been treated differently because I'm a woman, at least not in a way that I noticed. "

What is going on here? Since when is it chippy to want an honorific which doesn't denote marital status? Gah!


T said...

Hey Arb. Snap! Article about the same thing in my post. It annoys me too. Gah.

woodscolt said...

I'm a Ms always - unless one day I get a Phd. Do you know the story about Germaine Greer in the early seventies?

Smarmy male TV presenter: So, is it Miss, or Ms Greer?

Lovely mad Germaine: Oh, Dr Greer will be fine.

T said...

Wonderful! Good old Germaine.

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