21 June 2007

That Beth Ditto nude cover...

I meant to post about this a while back and the Israeli women soldiers reminded me. There's been much talk about her nude cover and lots of debate as to whether she should've done it, from both feminists and other numbskulls who took it upon themselves to be disgusted by the picture all over the internet.

Personally, I think the fact that we find a picture like this so shocking says a lot about our society. As discussed at our group, people feel they have the right to comment on women and their bodies as a matter of course. I just loved this response to the whole debate by a male American feminist which I found via Feministing. Yeah!

Here's the thing: it's none of your fucking business how healthy Beth Ditto is.


woodscolt said...
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woodscolt said...

That's a great response by the male blogger (did you see his blog links to a site called Women read comics and they're pissed?), and good analysis by feministing too. Difficult to decide whether I'm glad to see a positive, sexy image of a big woman or still a bit dubious that to be seen women have to take their clothes off...

Anonymous said...

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