17 May 2007

And what's more...

...it's not even the worst article in this month's issue!

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AuntieMabel said...

Oh Jesus, this one had me spitting feathers. All this '50 is the new 20' bollocks only serves to make other women - who don't have the time or money for botox and overpriced anti-wrinkle creams - feel bad about themselves for looking just like a normal person does and should do.

This bit in particular summed it up for me:

"As I write this, I am pinching the skin just below the waistband of my miniskirt. It is not fat, it is surplus skin, a badge, you might say, of the two overwhelmingly wonderful children I have produced. It is soft. It is maternal. It is appropriate. Except, of course, I don't see it that way. I see it is as a telltale sign of me being three years shy of my 50th birthday. That layer of skin is what stands between me and the pre-baby body I had in my early 30s and which I feel is my responsibility, as a fully paid-up member of the glossy-magazine industry, still to have."