01 May 2007

Women in 'torture porn'

Something that has been disturbing me, and many others I imagine, is the popularity of torture and slash horror in film right now. I honestly cannot understand why someone would want to watch something like Saw or Wolf Creek; so obviously I haven't really seen more than a trailer of this kind of thing. I didn't realise how misogynistic it all was until recently when Feministing alerted me to the fact that you can actually get an action figure doll of Rapist Number One, a character played by Quentin Tarantino, from toy shops in the US. More on this in an article from Film Guardian, not one for your lunch break maybe, it's sickening stuff, but makes a really good point about how women are portrayed in this kind of film...


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woodscolt said...

That article is really shocking. I've always been uneasy about Tarantino's violence but the way that violence done to women is so sexualised is very scary, I think.