04 May 2007

Fat women not unattractive shocker

Came across this article (link in title) in the Times. Now it's in the beauty section, so perhaps I'm being unfair, but the tone is really fucking annoying. OK, fat women can be sexy. Wow! Is this some kind of Damascene revelation?

I agree this is a bit nicer than the comments one quite frequently hears that fat women are just plain ugly or unattractive - and can't be anything else - but please can't we just stop saying any kind of looks or body shape is better than any other? You don't counter the body image problems of people who desperately want to be thinner by saying fat is better, you counter them (surely) by saying that these things shouldn't matter, that everyone can be beautiful and sexy to someone, that beauty and sexiness is really only important to the people you are close to/want to sleep with/love. Or am I being unfair? Thoughts?

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T said...

I don't think you're being unfair at all. As a fat woman I am pleased that Beth Ditto is out there being feisty and fashionable and not caring about her size. It's great that young girls have a role model that isn't a waif, as it's hard being a larger woman in this society sometimes. But I totally agree that this constant categorising of womens' bodies in fashion is ridiculous. Some people are big, some are small, that's it.