09 May 2007

On the mothering imperative

Also on the subject of motherhood; I'm a woman in my mid thirties and this is a very real issue for me. I regularly veer between panic at the social pressure and my own biological clock ticking (apologies for the cliché) and feeling indignant that this is suddenly the only major achievement that some expect of me or are interested in. It's hard not to let the "hurry, hurry, we're all doomed" aspect of this affect your relationship. Generally, I go along with Sarah Churchwell's no nonsense approach, if it happens, fantastic, if not I'll adopt, or get over it. Hard to face, but true. Do you all feel this, or is it just me?


woodscolt said...

What I think is interesting about the whole parenthood brouhaha is that it is all aimed at women - like the most important aspect of having and bringing up a child is having a young healthy womb to grow it in.

Why is there no guilt aimed at men for being older dads or younger dads? I've seen articles everywhere talking about all the ways in which the mother's age/work/whatever can affect the baby, but what's dad doing all this time?

Sarah Churchwell's article was a lovely cheerful piece of common sense.

T said...

Yes, exactly! Women can't seem to win in any situation, either they're irresponsible young mums, or selfish waiting till later on to have children.